Saint Stephen's Green Tour

Piotr Koscielniak

5/28/20222 min read

Saturday 28th of May 2022 ... Dublin, Ireland. Beautiful weather behind the window. It's a pity to waste it, so I'm going on a hunt for good pictures. No plan, just like that. Decision - Grafton Street and St Stephen's Green Park. 12.15 - apparently not the best time to take pictures, apparently bad light, too sharp at this time of the day. But if I will want always take a pictures of the so-called Golden Hour or Blue Hour - I would have to quit my job, change myr lifestyle, etc. Such sessions are also made, but it is an expedition that requires preparation, plan - what will be photographed, where and how. Another fairy tale. So I have what I have and I have to use what is right now. Crowds of people in the streets, crowds of people in the park. Grafton Street - really harsh sunlight. Pictures will be burned out, overexposed probably.So I'm leaving the street, the park first. Trees, bushes, shadows, the sun's rays shining through them. People and nature. Cool. I already know that I will spend the next few hours here. Time to start the hunt ...

Such casual photo sessions have many faces, as there are amazing surprises and unexpected meetings. So it was this time. You observe people, you look for a good composition, you focus on photos and purpose ... And you don't know that you are also the goal of observation. Someone is watching you and following you. At some point a man in a wheelchair approaches me, starts a conversation, asks what I am doing and how I am doing it. So we start talking ... And suddenly it turns out that I have an amazing man in front of me. Warm, open and joyful. Despite the adversities that he has encountered and in life, he is full of energy and a positive attitude to life. He himself proposes that he can become the subject of photos, he wants to capture this moment and our meeting. I pick up the camera, look through the viewfinder and take pictures. Something like a portrait ... Our conversation continues ... After a while I know that these will be one of the best portrait photos I have taken. Natural, sincere, emotional ... It's time to say goodbye. We arrange another non-binding meeting. Someday ... we'll see.

The hunt continues ... Here are some more photos. Park, then Grafton street and music. Street musicians, free concerts, crowds of onlookers, listeners, good fun. More photos are in stocks, in photo banks ... Well, such rules, such work ... Time to go back, upload the photos to my computer and check what I have. And then post-production. So much for today.