Dublin Seaport, industry area, heritage and modern factories…

Piotr Koscielniak

6/20/20222 min read

Monday, 20th of June, 2022

Today, a bit different atmosphere and slightly older photos.

Older ones, because they were taken with the Canon EOS 200D camera.

As I wrote, I deal not only with and cityscapes or street photography, but also industrial and urban photography. You can see and visit various places of interest that are not usually planned by tourists visiting Dublin. Besides, not only tourists avoid such places, but also the "natives" who live here do not visit such places.

Due to the fact that I am a contributor to several photo banks, whose clients are also interested in such photography - I have planned a photo shoot in the southern, industrial part of the Dublin sea port. The plan was to shoot an internal Poolberg Pigeon House Power Station, which was abandoned years ago. And then reaching Poolberg Lighthouse and hunting for good photo compositions of ships and ferries entering and leaving the port. Of course, also some photos of the lighthouse too. Located at the very end of the Great Sout Wall - almost 2km walk away. Only that in order to get there, you have to walk through the entire industrial zone. Additionally, some ... 5-6 km. Unfortunately, Dublin Bus public transport does not reach there ... And I am not the owner of the "four wheels".

Monday, 6th of April.

The first day of my spring holidays. The day starts with beautiful sunny weather. I grabs a backpack with equipment, a bus and gets off at the last possibly closest stop to the scheduled session locations.

The plan was good ... But unfortunately it was not implemented. During the trip, it turned out that despite the cancellation of the lockdown in Ireland, the abandoned Pigeon House area is still inaccessible and closely guarded by bodyguards blocking access with their own breasts. The old high fence did not favor other "interesting" ideas for getting inside and I do not know any other way than through the main gate. Well ...

I didn't get to Poolberg Lighthouse either. The weather changed.

The wind rushed heavy clouds from the sea that blocked the remnants of the sun. As it is in Ireland ... Counting on another quick change of weather in the opposite direction - I continued my journey. Unfortunately, after walking several hundred meters of the Great South Wall - a powerful gale started, the waves poured onto the road and the wall of rain - because you can't call it otherwise - came from the sea. And it covered everything around me. With me in the eye of a storm from heaven and sea.

Well, I'm not that waterproof. Especially my Canon 200D and the lenses in the backpack. And both my clothes and my backpack for photographic equipment have their limits of water resistance. So I quickly turned back to the first possible building that provided shelter as such. After half an hour the rain stopped - the wind – unfortunately, did no. And there was a danger of a repeat of the entertainment at any moment.

So I gave up. Return. Fortunately, the equipment in the backpack and the camera did not suffer. However, the backpack, shoes and clothes dried for the next several hours. I'll be back there sometime. But this time an adventurous car owner. Just in case.

But with an empty hands or rather with an empty memory card in the camera - I did not come back. Below are some photos from this completed part of the plan.