Canon EOS R

Piotr Koscielniak

6/14/20222 min read

Tuesday 06/14/20022

I have some time, so it's a good time to come back to a very interesting and important photo session for me on Saturday 05/14/2022 in Howth.

But in sequence… At the turn of April and May, I became the happy owner of the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera. Until then, I was rather inclined to agree with the supporters of the thesis that the most important thing is a good lens and only a good body is second. So I followed this rule - trying to squeeze out of my "glasses" everything I could by using the Canon 50D first, and then the 200D. The photos were good qualitatively, but ... only good. After processing the next batch of photos, I always felt unsatisfied, that they should be better ... that they lack something ... And I thought about what would happen ... So I read a lot about the equipment, watched and listened to the opinions and reviews of professional photographers. The image of the camera of my dreams slowly crystallized. A camera that will meet not only my expectations, but also give a lot of opportunities to develop my photography. Canon EOS R - because we are talking about it. A really big expense on the body itself. But the opinion that it squeezes 150-200% of the possibilities more out of older, good lenses with which it works through a converter - made me believe that this could be the very tool that would provide me with what I expect.

At the end of April, an unexpected opportunity arises ... I'm buying. I have. And the first doubt, when I pick up the full manual, which only in Polish has almost ... 700 pages ... The next week is getting to know its functions, possibilities, and most of all, its full personalization - according to my needs and requirements. Juggling with lenses. And the first test "shooting photos". Twilight, the remnants of the setting sun. With the old Canon 50D or 200D - in such conditions you would need a tripod. Handheld photos - without a tripod, they would be blurry, or high ISO and unwanted grain in the photo. The tripod stays on the flat.

I choose a place, an object, I take a series of photos. Return and throw RAW files to Lightroom. And I already know that this purchase was a shot at the "10". Full cooperation: me - body - lens. Pure shooting pleasure, ease, simplicity and a result better than expected. I am surprised by the quality of the photos taken under these conditions. Here are a few of them.

They will go to photo banks on stocks - as backgrounds to be used by graphic designers. That's it for now. The same session that I mentioned - I will describe in detail in the next post. There will be a bit more reading, but also more photos to watch.