Who am I?

I have been designing graphics and photography for over 22 years. I focus primarily on landscape, cityscape, street and urban photography. I also like to look into the world of macro photography. I take care personally of the post-production my works. In this area, I also provide services using my many years of experience in graphics and knowledge of Photoshop, Lightroom, as well as Topaz Labs, ON1 AI, Luminar AI ... I am a semi-professional photographer. I treat photography and post-production as my hobby and second profession.

I am not a professional photographer and I do not have a specialized professional photo studio. I also do not deal with wedding photography, photographing baptism or communion. This is not the type of photography that interests me. Of course, I like photographing people, but apart from street photography, I prefer loose, personal cooperation on some creative collaborative project. Such photography gives mutual satisfaction, creating works that everyone can use later as their portfolio or private photos that we like to return to after many years...

Therefore, in my free time as a freelance photographer - I undertake outdoor photo sessions for people who want to create their own private photo collection, as well as portfolios or outdoor private family events.

In my photography, I prefer to use the available ambient light. That's why most of my photo sessions take place outdoors. Both performed on request and private photo workshops.